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Introducing Justice Choir!

Abbie Betinis, Tesfa Wondemagegnehu, and (a headshot of) Andrea Ramsey announce the Justice Choir.

To come together to inspire strength, unity, and policy change in situations that demand social and eco-justice. Amplify that message peacefully, on the local and national level, through singing.

Designed by
Abbie Betinis (Saint Paul, MN),
Andrea Ramsey (Boulder, CO), and
Tesfa Wondemagegnehu (Minneapolis, MN)

The JUSTICE CHOIR isn't really one choir. It's a template for a national movement of singing for change. It's constructed around two ideas:*

  1. The Songbook:
    A digital, downloadable resource of new and re-purposed protest songs for the issues of our time. Accessible freely to people everywhere – not only to choirs, but also families, congregations, classrooms, and other organizations working for change.
  2. Choirs in Local Chapters:
    Chapter choirs will be the living, breathing embodiment of the Songbook, as well as other music for social and ecojustice. Their programming and message will revolve around local issues and urgency of current events. They will be nimble enough to respond “pop-up” style to issues in their local communities: singing at marches, rallies, houses of worship, or anywhere a marginalized sector is needing a bigger voice.

* psst! it's like Beer Choir... but for Justice. Thanks, Mike. (#ChoirToThePeople)